So the much-awaited launch of Bobbi Brown is slotted for
next week in India and thankfully I got a sneak peek on the spectacular
experience that they’re going to bring into our country! I was treated to a 2-hour private session with ridiculously talented Mr Eliano Bou Assi, Bobbi Browns Director of Artistry and every question, query and confusion I had about my
makeup routine was strategically solved.
I like wrapping up my beauty routine in under 10mins and at the same time prefer to keep it light, fresh and not over the top – and this is precisely what I decided to base my lesson with Eliano on. But I’m not keeping these priceless beauty formulas a
secret, infact, I’m sharing it with you today! So, if you, like me, are not sure
whether your foundation should go first or your concealer, go ahead and read
this post.
Step 1 –
Absolutely Essential
Use moisturiser and eye cream followed by primer to set your face for a healthy
glow. This combination will prepare your skin, keep it healthy and make the
rest of your products stay firm for long hours. Exfoliate your lips and rub on some lip balm to have them lipstick-ready.
usually skip the eye cream – but the times I’ve tried it, its made a huge
difference to my entire look, so I’d say make it a habit if you can!
2 – Corrector & Concealer
been told by Eliano to repeat this mantra almost daily – ‘Concealer is your
best friend’. A major mistake I was making before my session was using
Concealor without Corrector (I’ve got dark circle issues). I was recommended a
pink/peach-ish corrector followed by a concealer one shade lighter than my
of swiping on your corrector & concealer to blend it, lightly press it onto
your under eyes. Don’t miss the inside of your eyes as this section tends to be
left out
3 – It’s All About That Base
probably won’t believe me but I have NO foundation on in these photographs
(Even the After one)! As essential as foundation is – use it only if you need
it, not because everyone around you is using it. I was recommended to skip the
foundation except for social functions and big events and instead opt for Bobbi
Browns BB Cream and I loved the aftermath.
However, if
you are using foundation – start from the areas that show discolouration and
redness and move in the downward direction with your brush/fingers.
applying foundation on your under-eye and eyelids 
Step 4 –
One Stroke Does It
Set your
base (concealer + foundation) with soft strokes of face powder. For a warm look, swipe on bronzer onto
key highlighting areas such as forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.
of applying the powder all over your face, only lightly press it over the areas
that need attention to avoid looking cakey
Step 5 –
Paint Those Cheeks
Smile wide
and roll on some blush on the apple of your cheeks – at the exact spot that you
would flush at if you had just walked out of the gym. From there on, move
upwards towards your hairline.
seems to have their own unique way of applying blush, which always left me
confused as to what the right way was. Until, ofcourse, I did it the Bobbi
Brown way. Once I saw the difference the application made to my cheeks, I
knew I was doing it wrong earlier.
Step 6 –
Pout It Out 
Once you make sure
your lip color matches your blush, start from your cupids bow and work
outwards. Applying lip liner after your lipstick will impact-fully define your
lips. I prefer using brown-ish and earthy tones for my skin color instead of the usual bright tints. 
*I used
the Bobbi Brown Art Stick in and you guys have got to try it – it has a
moisturising effect, stays for hours and works as a lip liner too.
Step 7 –
Get Your Brow Game On
Use an
Eyebrow Brush or Eye Definer Brush to apply eye shadow (a shade closest to your
hair color) through your brows with light strokes, starting from the inner
corner and working towards the outer. This step is vital for all you Selfie addicts. Okay, basically everyone.
swipe on a 1-cm line on the lower corner of your inner eyebrow and then
continue blending. This line will make a whole world of a difference by adding definition and making your brows look stronger. 
never really know what you’re missing until you’ve defined your eyebrows. This
was the first time ever that my brows were defined, and the results were
drastic – it changed my entire look!
Step 8 –
Eye Base
game-changer for me was an Eye Shadow Base. I’ve almost never use eyeshadow
(even when I go for parties) – always preferring the ‘au naturel’ look for
my eyelids. As expected, my eyelids would look extremely dark compared to my under
eye (now laden with concealer) and the rest of my face. But swiping on a
light shadow from lashline to brownbone gave me just the right amount of
brightness I needed alongwith making my eyes look bigger.
Step 9 –
Line your
upper lashline with whichever medium you prefer – shadow, gel liner or a
pencil. Make sure that you pull the liner till the end of your eye without
leaving it incomplete. If you line your lower lashline, make sure it meets the
upper liner on the outer corner of your eye.
Step 10 –
Start with
your eyelash curler(if you wish to use one) and then proceed to mascara. While
applying mascara, feel free to glide it on 2-3 times starting at the base of
the lashes and rolling as you move upwards.
I’m done applying it 2-3 times throughout the lashes, I like to use the mascara
on just the tips and roll them out for an exaggerated effect.

I do hope this post helped your beauty routine. Since Bobbi Brown as a brand, majorly emphasises on the importance of teaching, it allows you to walk in any time into one of their stores and take a makeup lesson of your own! The entire staff has been personally trained by Eliano so prepare yourself for a thorough treat into the magic world of makeup.


Recently, we expanded and renovated our Headquarters at Lower Parel in Mumbai and I’m extremely excited to share the images with you’ll. After tons of hours spent researching on Pinterest and loads of help from my amazing interior designer friend, my dream finally came alive before my eyes. The process was exhausting and SUPER FUN – especially with our team going pretty crazy painting the walls and indulging in cute DIY projects (Aka the ‘Love Your Job’ streamer).

The idea while designing the office was to keep the larger canvas white – the desk, walls etc and throw in color in the accessories to achieve a clean, wide and chic look. It all boiled down to really paying attention to detail. Here is the low-down on where I bought the furniture and tid-bits to put it together :
SF Wooden Letters – Handmade by carpenter
Pink Chairs – Customized by a Private Chair Retailer
Red Foldable Chairs – Flipkart.com
Faux Sheepskin – Dubai IKEA
Love Your Job Hanging – DIY (Super simple – cut-out letters, painted with glitter and stuck on a string)
Desk Plants, Bird Cage, Red Table – Hometown (Vikhroli)
Tea Pot & Cups – Pepperfry.com

Welcome to my favorite place in the whole world!

Pictures Courtesy – Karna Tanna