Mumbai’s polluted air, repeated heat styling, tons of hair products at blog shoots and simply not having the time to pamper my precious hair, leaves it, as you would expect – super damaged. When those down days in a month come by where my hair feels limp and unhealthy, I almost always turn to my mother and complain about having to go for a haircut again. Isn’t that the solution we all turn to for hair thats not looking as great as it should?
Definitely, until, I took the Matrix Biolage Advance Repairinside Treatment.
When I heard about this new treatment by Matrix there were two reasons why it appealed to me. Firstly, contrary to other hair treatments that usually either nourish your hair from the inside or make it look stronger and stunning on the outside, the Biolage treatment does both. Not only does it repair your damaged hair from inside, but it also makes it stronger automatically making it look better and less-damaged on the outside.
Secondly, there was finally a solution for my damaged hair that entailed not chopping it off. Instead of cutting it, I could re-construct it.
My Review of the Treatment
The treatment began with the Biolage Advance Repairinside Treatment Shampoo followed by a Hyperdose concentrate which was applied to sections of my hair to target the most damaged sections. On top of the concentrate a Masque was applied which was followed by a super relaxing 20minute massage (best part, duh). Post the massage, I went in for a quick rinse and then a leave-in cream was smeared to protect my hair from heat damage while styling.
As soon as my hair dried and I ran my hand through it, it felt unbelievably soft and shiny. 
As you can see in the ‘Before and After’ picture above, my hair was transformed into a more healthy, bouncy and shiny version of itself.
My favorite part
Its been almost a week since I took the treatment and ever since I have been using the Repairing shampoo the kind folks over at Matrix gave me and my hair feels fantastic. There’s a typical moisture-like layer that the shampoo leaves onto my hair (non-greasy) that makes it feel protected, softer and a lot more thicker!

I recommend you go give it a try at a salon near you!

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