Photos Courtesy – Rachit Vora
What I’m Wearing – Neccessary Clothing Jacket/Blazer, River Island foam dress, Zara bag & shoes, Style Fiesta sunglasses, Style Fiesta earrings, bracelet & ring.
A little shoot I wanted to share with you, that I did in celebration of my birthday (27th August). This birthday, I feel blessed beyond belief for all the love and happiness I have in my life – specially you, my lovely readers, who keep coming back to see what I have to write. So THANK YOU!
My resolutions for this year are pretty simple and I’m excited to put them into action. ‘Work lesser but work harder, and make more time for the things I genuinely love. To be guided less by schedules, and more by instinct.’ 
Now who wants to join me? 🙂
Getting to my outfit, I’m digging this foam trend pretty seriously. It’s adorable and I can’t help but feel like a barbie doll prancing around in it. I maintained a monochrome tone in my outfit and shoes and threw in a burst of colors with my bag and jewelry. 
So..while I was in New York back in April, the kindest reader (a certain Ms Shimul) recommended ‘Necessary Clothing’ – a cutesy boutique label to me. She insisted that being familiar with my style and taste through my blog, I would love it – and oh boy I did. Its easily one of my favorite labels already! 
 In other exciting news, I’m now a part of the fabulous blog network over at POPxo. POPxo is a fabulous content-based lifestyle website and I’m stoked to be a part of their super cool crew and dish out new stories every month. I’ll be sharing tid-bits here on my blog now and then, but you can head over to their website for the real deal. Don’t blame me if I get you addicted.
Also dont forget to check my features out in DNA, Elle, The Afternoon this month. 


I shot this video with the super guys over at Swarovski for the #StyleYourWayToParis contest. Here you can get a detailed look at my two ensembles for the themes ‘Travel’ & ‘Party’. Don’t miss my little wiggle at the end 🙂
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#StyleYourWayToParis with SWAROVSKI

I assume you, my beloved readers, are in touch with all my social media channels, and know how Swarovski has been tactfully keeping me enthralled for the last couple of days with dreams of the Eiffel Tower and strolling down Parisian streets in a fuschia tutu. If you haven’t, let me begin by taking you through the last leg of Swarovski’s #StyleYourWayToParis contest. 
The concept I worked my look around for this post was an amalgamation of my wants and needs – boiling down to those few things in life (and your closet) that you keep coming back to. Your essentials, your safest bet in a moment of weakness and yet your strongest player on a day of pride. The 6 pieces of jewelry I picked from Swarovski’s collection paired with this black dress described those sentiments exactly – everlasting. 
Dress – Zara ; All Jewelry – Swarovski (Chosen from the Palladium store, Mumbai)
In retrospect, I always associated ‘Swarovski’ as ‘Bling’. One visit to the store and an hour of patiently browsing through their versatile and trendy collection, I soon replaced ‘Bling’ with ‘Sophistication’. As I was picking my pieces, I realized how affordable Swarovski really was as compared to what I expected it to be, with pieces starting from as little as Rs 3000. The 6 pieces I walked out with, were everlasting wardrobe essentials, an investment I would probably continue wearing for the rest of my life. These pieces were super stylish for a young girl like me, and yet subtle enough to wear everyday.
The pieces I chose :
Bound necklace (small)- INR 13380
Stone Mini bangle(black and gold)- INR 7060
Bolt Bangle- INR 10430 
Pebble ring- INR 10430
Arrive Pierced earrings- INR 3370
My recommendation for this seasons must-have would undoubtedly be the Bound Necklace from Swarovski. The amalgamation of rose gold, palladium and stainless steel, not only makes it a versatile bauble but is also a very elegant accessory to spruce up a casual outfit, or add a subtle, classy touch to an elaborate ensemble. 
Now to take you through my looks for the on-ground event at The Oberoi in Mumbai, where I emerged as a finalist, we had to style two looks based on the themes ‘Travel’ and ‘Party’. 
For the travel theme, I opted for a black bubble skirt with a loose printed tee – an easygoing and yet trendy ensemble, knee high gladiators that are super comfy for long hours of exploring, a hat and a messy side-braid for a hassle-free hairstyle that would last me all-day and yet look great. For my jewelry, I chose dainty pieces since its important to be light and roomy while you’re travelling. I went with 3 adorable pendant chains that I layered, solitaire studs, a leather strap watch and a beautiful love ring that I asked for a smaller size in so I could wear as a midi ring. 
For the party theme, I took a formal, cocktail-ish approach and went for a pink high-slit bodycon dress with ankle strap heels and a snakeskin clutch. For my jewelry – I layered two bracelets and wore a solitaire ring; I picked a mang tikka and wore it as a earring in one year and completed the other ear with a matching stud. My dress had a low cross-back on which I pinned a gorgeous Swarovski brooch. 
I hope you liked my looks! I’d love to know which your favorite jewelry piece from all of the above was, in the comments below. 
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It has been an amazing journey with Swarovski so far & I need your support to continue this love affair all the way to Paris. Lots of love x