Photographs by Rachit Vora
What I’m Wearing – Style Fiesta Vogue Cap, Forever 21 shirt, Promod tank, Abercrombie & Fitch jeans, Zara shoes, Burberry sling bag & Style Fiesta necklace and earrings.
It was so much fun shooting this look with my amazing photographer friend Rachit Vora (who is also the photographer for BTW). Contrary to what it may look like, these pictures were shot in natural light. If you’re looking for cool pictures like these, get in touch with him at I pushed my rather feminine limits and donned a boyfriend/rapper-chic demeanor. What do you think of this change? 
I remember a time, barely three to four years ago when as a student, the lack of a fashion school as per my yearning, compelled me to not study the undergrad subject of my choice. I went on to study business for 3 years and then do 6 diploma courses in Fashion Business over 4 months. But fact remains, I’d rather have spent 4 years than 4 months studying something of my choice.
To my delight, I recently met the folks over at ISDI and heard that they have entered into a collaboration with Parsons The New School for Design, New York. 
I visited their sprawling under-construction 8-floor campus at Indiabulls, Lower Parel, lined with creatively induced classrooms, open spaces, fashion labs and lots more. Classrooms were not within four walls, and you were allowed to draw wherever you wished to (floors and ceiling included). I knew I had landed at a design school. It all looked so exciting, I was ready to enroll myself in. They are offering a 4-year under-graduate programme and two post-graduate programmes, Fashion Business Management and Creative Entrepreneurship. The latter, specially, caught my interest. They were kind enough to take me through their curriculums and I discovered their courses to be unique and urging students to think like creators.
If I had this opportunity, I would dive right in, but my works calls for too much of my time currently. However, if you can, I highly recommend you to register for their courses, or at least read up on their programmes on, you’ll be pleased with what you see. 


True to my womankind, I can’t help but offer my opinion on everything to do with MEN..including their grooming regimes too. While ‘rugged’ is a look we adore on Ryan Gosling, I wouldn’t say that about the boys (can’t even bring myself to say men) around me.
Garnier Men India is running this super cool campaign to change this. Bring men to pay attention to grooming – because hey! if you expect blow dry’s, manicured nails and pretty clothes out of us, we expect something out of you too! I decided to blog about this as a contribution to women all over the world. Haha, and men too. 
This movement is asking men to ‘Say no to bars’. Before you hastily click on the red cross of this screen, chill out, I was talking about soap bars.  Garnier Men India has some hilarious campaign shots that will make you more than believe why you need to abide by this movement. The most important reason of them all – Soap bars are unhygienic as the same bar is used for multiple purposes. Ew, you know what I’m talking about. Instead, Garnier Men suggests switching to a face wash which is for a defined purpose.
Check out these pictures & you’ll get a drift of what I’m saying. I recommend saying no to bars and instead using the Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash for a deep cleansing action which removes excess oil without drying your skin while ensuring a day-long oil-free feel.

There’s also this adorable video you all have got to watch – 
So girls, ready to spread the world to have more groomed and shroomed men?
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Tons of people every week come up to me with a confused look and say, ‘So how do you start a fashion business?’, ‘I want to start my own fashion business, how do I do it?’ or ‘I want a career in fashion but I want to be my own boss’. Here’s my answer on starting a successful fashion business, in a generic manner nonetheless, but I promise it will help at least some of your questions..
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1. Develop An Idea
..And make sure its not copy-pasted from a website you stumbled upon while studying in the UK. I get plenty of ideas everyday (I get inspired easily), but how many of them are actually worth putting into action? Ask yourself these three questions first :
– Is my idea offering something unique in the market? 
– Is my idea feasible to carry out given my current circumstances?
– Is there a ‘need’ for my idea in the market?
2. Write A Business Plan
While making my business plan for Style Fiesta nearly 14 months after its commencement, I suddenly stumbled upon conclusions and unanswered questions that I had been clueless about previously. On retrospect, if I was aware of those fundamentals 14 months in advance, I can think of a few mammoth changes/decisions I would have implemented. I urge you to build a business plan before setting up a business, realize your strengths, weaknesses, target audience, projections and essentially your vision, even if its in the most basic of formats. 
3. Know Your Customer
This is nearly the best piece of advice I’ve ever received – to now your customer like you know the back of your hand. What she likes, what she eats, what she reads, where she lives, everything – every business is selling something, be it a product or a service; its essential to know who you’re selling it to. 
4. Get Some Experience 
This is the biggest gift you’ll give yourself en-route to becoming a successful businesswoman. If you’re planning on running your own company, big or small, you need to know your shit. Excuse me for putting it out there bluntly. My 4 internships before Style Fiesta gave me insights into situations Google could not have guided me through, right from office politics, lunch hour restrictions to integrating an internal messaging system.  
5. Free Marketing Is The Best Kind Of Marketing
Wondering how you could get the word out about your business? Free marketing could mean everything from updating your Facebook status with your new collections, making your friends share links of your business, leaving comments on like-minded businesses or encouraging word-of-mouth publicity among your family, friends and social circles. If you’re not paying for it, and it helps for even one extra set of eyeballs on your work, its worth it.
6. Use your connections
Taking precious time out of your Saturday and attending an event on the other side of town has more perks than you can imagine. Every connection you make adds priceless value to your business. These connections, be it friends of friends, mentors, PR agents, practically anyone, are more or less your stairway to success, connecting you to priceless resources along the way.
7. Is It Permananet?
Setting up a business requires as much commitment as a marriage so before you take the plunge, ask yourself whether you’re ready for it. Launching a business that you got bored of within the first quarter will most probably leave an impression on the lifetime of your career.
8. Back It Up With Passion
If you’ve got tons of this, rest it out, the above points will figure themselves out 🙂