It was my brothers wedding in February 2014 and I’ve decided to run a wedding series on the blog with my outfits. I hope you guys enjoy it 🙂 You can view the other posts from this series here and here
The Sangeet is definitely the most anticipated function in an Indian wedding and I can fairly say, this function was ‘my responsibility’. Since dancing pretty much tops my list of hobbies (bet you didnt know that?) it was my role to co-ordinate this night of revelry. Being the ‘desi’ girl that I am, making it as Bollywood as possible was also on my agenda. 
While picking my outfit, I knew I wanted something strking, in terms of design as well as color. (On retrospect, I do wish I had chosen something slightly lighter in weight.) I wanted to keep the jewellery slightly finite since I was a part of 4 dances, so I opted for heavy Jadau earrings and skipped the necklace. 
For my beauty pallette –  we went for a ‘diva’ look – smokey eyes and the works. An honest recommendation, tell the makeup artist whats worked for you in the past and what hasn’t, but beyond that, let her call the shots, there’s a reason the brushes are in her hands.
If anyone’s on the hunt for a great makeup/hair artist, I strongly recommend Recinda Martis. Fabulous vibes and even better eye shadow strokes.
Lehenga – Manish Malhotra
Make Up Artist – Recinda Martis
Bangles – Tip Top 
All Jewellery – Lion Jewellers