I’m what the average Indian girl would refer to as ‘fairly short’ (or rather petite if they happen to be in a good mood). Of all my clothes the most outfit-altering problem I face is with my jeans. It’s beyond difficult to simply find a pair of perfectly fitting jeans that end where they’re supposed to. I love/need my jeans ankle length – the only flattering fit for my blessed Gujarati figure (read: thighs) and after looking far and wide I manage to get my hands on just one amazing pair per year. Anyone in their right mind knows that’s a ridiculous number.
Until of course – I found Jeansmaster. Residing at a quaint shop in Tardeo, Mumbai, he’s primarily a jeans tailor and does a fabulous job with customization. You can have your pick with fabrics and cuts. I gave him my favorite jeans and simply asked him to replicate them. Perfect length et all. 
Over a few years I’ve repetitively met girls who’ve had major trouble finding jeans with the right fit. It could be skinny calfs or a disproportionate waist – do away with those unnecessary belts and have jeans specially made for YOUR body type. Jeans master was an enormous help to me and thought I would do my bit to help those who might need it 🙂
Address:   2, Yousuf Manzil, Tardeo Main Road, Tardeo, Mumbai- 400034, Maharashtra