DIY Break Into Your Tight Shoes

We’ve all faced one of these three situations in life (I’ve faced all.)
1.     Bought Prada ballerinas two sizes too small because they were on sale
2.     Screamed in delight on finding literally the best shoes in the world only to go home and find out their comfort level is equal to walking on a bed of thorns
3.     Being aware at the time of buying about the horrid shoebites I would get, but well, a girl cant resist shoes.
While some of us prefer killing our feet by enduring all those excruciating shoe-bites to not wearing them at all, the rest are trying hard to seek a less painful solution. We, for one, have found the quickest way to slip into those pair of difficult but gorgeous shoes!
 What you need: Thick Socks, Hair Dryer
Step 1: Put on the pair of socks, and slip into your shoes.
Step 2: Heat the tight edges of the shoes with a blow dryer and wiggle your toes while you do so
Step 3: Voila! The edges have expanded and the shoes will fit you like a glove.
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