Does Your Fashion Need Approval?

 Do you buy things that people you’re shopping with (friends, parents etc) dislike? This snow white mermaid skirt was one of many such instances. But instead of submissively dropping it back on the rack and walking away, like I usually do, I went up till the finish line and walked out of the store happily with my closet one trendy piece heavier. Isn’t style supposed to be about experimenting? I tend to find that many disliking looks later, when I’m prancing around in my outfit, this same critic does nod at me in appreciation. I’ve started to believe that as long as you’re confident that you love it, go ahead and own it.
P.S. – Its from H&M

DIY Ripped Jeans

My first encounter with ripping jeans was out of spite. Ripped jeans were taking over all the trend reports in our favorite fashion world and I couldn’t get my hands on one. (ESPECIALLY in India, argh) I had no choice but to DIY.  With scissors in my hand, and an aim in mind, I was on a mission…and boy, was I happy with the result!
What you need: Chalk, Sharp Scissors, Jeans
STEP 1: Wear the jeans that you’ve chosen to be part of this enlightening (and slightly risky process). With the chalk mark where you would like the rips. I opted for one rip above my right knee and left leg two rips below my left knee.
STEP 2:  Wiggle out of your jeans and take your pair of sharp scissors in hand. Cut along the marked line. Its only Step 2 and you’ve already got most of your work done.
Step 3: Scrape the surface of the material horizontally (in the opposite direction of the grain of the threads). Depending on the size of the rip you want and the type of jean material, it could take a while to really get under the surface.
STEP 4: Open your scissor completely and using one side as a sharp tool cut along the ripped sides to give a frayed effect. Pull at the sides with your hands to widen the rips according to the width that you’re looking for.
Your done! SF Tip – Throw your freshly DIY’ed jeans in the washing machine to further rip them and give a torn, frayed look. 

When In Rome

 Capes are my new go-to for every occasion. And while this neon number isn’t the subtlest of choices, it does help me make an impact on gorgeous Roman steps. Pssstt, did you catch my Instagram video while I make a wish at the Trevi fountain? (@StyleFiesta)
Wearing Zara jeans ripped by yours truly, H&M cape, Primark one-shoulder white top, Zara bag & Tods moccasins. 
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Florence Trade Fair

 I recently visited the Pitti Imagine Uomo (men) and Pitti Imagine W (women) trade fairs in Florence and I wouldn’t hesitate to say it was the best experiences of my life, related to fashion ofcourse. Pitti Imagine Uomo is the world’s most important platform for men’s clothing and accessory collections and for launching new projects in men’s fashion whereas the Womens trade fair is dedicated to special innovative, experimental projects and single-product and capsule collections.
Apart from viewing and interacting with some of the worlds (and Italy’s) biggest fashion houses, I was more intrigued when in conversation with the more local, more authentic designers. The experience was enriching, and as I freely discussed my business model with them, they emptied bucketful of ideas on my hungry soul. For all you know, you might just spot a Style Fiesta pop up store while strolling down Roman streets in the near future!