Sf Travel Diaries

What I’m Wearing – Marks & Spencer bodysuit, Primark skirt, Zara sandals, Style Fiesta necklace, Versace bag and Style Fiesta sunglasses
I’ve just returned from an enchanting Euro-trip (as you all may have known from my Instagram series – #SfTravelDiaries) and its taking me a while to recover from 3 weeks of pure bliss. A weak-knee’d pinterest-er at heart, I would always repost quotes like ‘Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’ or ‘Throw a dart at a map and go to that place’ hysterics. Only now that I’ve done it do I truly comprehend the meaning of it, and I’ve got to say, Pinterest was never lying. 
I’ve been back for 3 days and I’m still in a complete withdrawal-symptoms phase. It felt absolutely amazing to be completely disconnected from the world – have absolutely no agenda for the day, eat the best food in the world at every single meal, dance every night, walk through breathtaking architecture and fall in love with the littlest things that came my way. 
I’ve got outfit posts from a few city’s I travelled to and I cant wait to show them to you all. Starting from the capital of Czech Republic – Praha..
Stay tuned xx

Kiss & Run

What I’m Wearing – Style Fiesta sweater, Style Fiesta skirt, River Island necklace, H&M shoes
Currently in London (only my favorite place in the world)..and this outfit post defines my time precisely. Fun and explorative. More details coming up soon!
P.S. – So much in love with anything faux fur/furry (aka this sweater). If I had a choice I would wear it everyday.