How Would You Describe Your Style?

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What I’m Wearing – Custom-made pink trousers, Miss Selfridge shirt, H&M rings and Style Fiesta sunglasses
 How do you describe your style? I’ve been asked these questions close to a thousand times but I seem to perpetually have a different answer. Dont get me wrong – I mean each one of those answers but I guess that really IS my style – Experimental. Dual. Constantly changing.
However there’s one factor that always remains the same. A statement piece. My attires are always played out against one statement piece – be it an accessory or a garment. Here that role was, well ofcourse, played by my gorgeous gorgeous pink trousers. (Tip – when you’re out shopping, invest in pieces like THESE. You’ll be surprised at just how often you reach out to them. After all, dont we always want to look our 100%?)
Would love to know how YOU describe your style. Leave me a comment!
Cant help but be addicted to these sunnies. Regardless of how desperately the weather calls for them, the gold tinted bridge is a fab design. You can buy them here. 
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Mixing Pastels

 What I’m Wearing – Top & Skirt from Londons Spitalfield market, Primark sandals, Sunglasses & bag from
Quite frankly – I miss blogging! I just dont seem to find enough occasions to express my style like I would here. But my two startups – and tend to keep me frighteningly on my toes. Regardless, my blog was and will always be my first baby and my passion cant go unattended to. My inspiration drives from here and solely on that reason will you be seeing a lot more of me here.
This delicate skirt with a pleated sheer finish and petite flower motifs is a summer staple. The ombre is only the cherry on top of a ravishing chocolate brownie. 
With this outfit – I maintained an overall nude, pastel palette with striking hints of color in my faux fur bag, jewelled thongs and floral detail.

Denim Vest

Only once I had shamelessly exploited this denim vest three times in the past week did I realize that it most definitely deserved a blog post.
5 reasons for my addiction – 
1. Its perfectly grunge with its tattered sleeves and ripped details and yet so stylish.
2. Who dare say no to denim right now?
3. I cant control my love for blazers/jackets according to the moody weather we live in and vests are the most adorable replacement for summer.
4. The stylist in me loves wearing trends everyone drools over but are too afraid to don in reality
5. Denim on denim. Enough said!
(P.S. – Denim vest from

Talk Tuxedo Series – Video

I’ve always wanted to dive into the world of Mens fashion. There’s something exciting in being a connoisseur of a world thats not your own. Being the avid believer of ‘impulse’ that I am, I went ahead and did exactly that. I’d like to call this the ‘Talk Tuxedo‘ series.

In this video, I styled a friend Aatef Bham for a look at the Derby. What he’s wearing – Zara blazer, Asos chinos, Topman Belt, FCUK t-shirt, Asos shoes & Rayban sunglasses. Laid-back style for a formal event.
Would love to hear your feedback on the same. Shoot me an email at with your comments and if you want to see more men over at!

Accessories Essentials

Six jewelry essentials that I have been the proud contender of for 3+ years and yet find myself scrummaging for every fortnight.
That’s when I stop and think – what are our wardrobe investments? Super trendy or laid-back classic? Pieces that are hot right now or pieces that are going to be hot forever? Should I invest in the latest trend or rather a stagnant style that I’ll cherish every Friday night. The answer is simple – WGSN or/and Karl Lagerfeld cant stop and define a trend report that makes us, US. Simply, invest in what you love.
Tell me what your most priced possessions are? (In the accessories segment, of-course!)