Summer Blazer

Photos – Anicca Chabbra
What I’m Wearing – Zara Jeans, Reiss bag, H&M one shoulder top, Dorothy Perkins necklace, Zara shoes, Michael Kors watch and K2 blazer.
Bombay weather and blazers don’t go hand in hand. However, thats never stopped me from wearing/buying/loving them. A ‘summer blazer’ however, works perfectly in my favor. Its lighter than a cardigan and if you opt for a fresh hue – you can just as easily tackle the warmer months.
Although I explored a wide color palette with this outfit, I stuck to a subtle and safe one – residing well within my comfort zone. 


Photos Courtesy – Anicca Chhabra
What I’m Wearing – Oliver Peoples Sunglasses, Dress from Creo
I was most definitely feeling adventurous when I picked out this dress. Ordinarily when I buy something, I unconsciously set a purpose, a location or a circumstance to wear it. But this with dress, I had zilch. The only guarantee I had was that it would turn heads – and sometimes thats enough.
This month, buy something you never thought you would wear. It never hurts to be a little daring.

The Midi Dress

Photos – Anicca Chhabra
What I’m Wearing – Midi dress from Hongkong, Zara belt, Oliver People’s sunglasses, H&M bracelets, Zara shoes & Style Fiesta Store earrings.
Formerly sloppy, midi-dresses have now reversed their frumpy reputation and stylishly set every 2012 trend report on fire. Its the perfect vintage feeling with a modern pinch. Longer hemlines have always found their place in my comfort zone and the subtle slit leaves it a mile away from being boring. 
With the pastel rage taking over the runways, the color suited my state of mind perfectly.