Peter Pan

What I’m Wearing – River Island black & white top, New Look shorts, Animal print booties from the Style Fiesta store ( and vintage earrings.
I was looking for a way to spruce up the dozens of black-white combinations in my wardrobe and neon pink seemed like a charming option. Its not only an uplifting addition but instantly pleasing to the eye too. I threw on a pair of leopard print booties for brownie points on the quirk scale.

8 Ways to Work Navajo

We’ve all had our share of rocking our white shirts a gazillion different ways (almost tapped the technique as well as the back of my hand) but how often is it that we stumble across a pair of crisp Navajo print trousers being conquered by the masses, and that too, with style beyond compare! 
The Navajo print fundamentally originates from the Navajo tribe of native america. The tribal pattern was initially spotted creeping up on Proenza Schoulers runway collection but to bring it to us it had to unquestionably be – Zara. I think they’re breathtakingly stunning and a statement piece that every wardrobe must have!
P.S. – Style Fiesta is having a sale of gorgeous shoes only at Rs 2000. Bookings are open only for 3 more days so go pick yours –
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Mens Style 101

 My guy friends have been asking for a post on Mens fashion since a while and when I stumbled upon these drool-worthy snapshots of stylish men on a streetstyle blog, I took out my notepad and jotted down  a few tips that I would like to point out to see more men dressed like the ones in these pictures. Here goes!
  • Own a pair of white jeans. They are the equivalent of a womans little black dress.
  • Layering isn’t just for the ladies. Fish out your waistcoats, double breasted jackets and vests and layer on! Keep it simple, don’t mix patterns and you’re good to go.
  • The world judges you by your shoes so if you’re investing in one item, make the shoes good!
  • Brown belt and black shoes is an absolute no. Always match these two.
  • Plaid was a trend in 2010. Lets keep up with the calendar and leave the checks where they belong – in the past!
  • Cardigans portray effortless style.
  • Dress according to your body shape. If you’re heavy on the belly, round neck tee’s aren’t for you. Instead, opt for collared ones.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear pink. Just the fact that you took the chance by trying it is earning you brownie points.
  • Wearing a logo on your belt doesn’t make you stylish. If you want to flaunt your bank balance, invest in a watch.
  • When in doubt, wear Ralph Lauren.
  • Shorts and a shirt make a fantastic combination. (Make sure the shorts aren’t plaid and/or nylon)
  • Nike is for the playground. Keep it there!
  • Lastly, just as Barney Stinson would say – nothing beats a well fitted suit. 
P.S. – Don’t be intimidated by the pictures below. That can only be attained with practice. Nevertheless, you have to start somewhere 🙂
Whether its donning paisley prints with a cardigan, texturing leather with wool or rocking a navajo trouser, these men had me drooling for their style. This is the truest and most explicit form of eye candy! What makes it better? Its a rare sight.
(Via the Sartiorialist & Streetsfn)

Black, White & Denim

Photos – Anicca Chhabra
What I’m Wearing – Vivacious in Vogue blazer, H&M white tee, Zara shorts, Dorothy Perkins belt, Topshop necklace, watches borrowed from my cook and Style Fiesta Store clutch.
Winter this year has been exceptionally great and this worked as a perfect excuse to finally exhaust the blazers that I was otherwise inappropriately wearing (considering the sauntering heat). 
Black + white + denim has always been a winning combination. Easy, but nevertheless winning. With classic outfits such as these its always a good idea to experiment and go an extra mile with the accessories. 
The multiple watch trend that I posted about earlier on the Style Fiesta Facebook page has been on my mind since a while and I couldn’t wait to try it. The trick I adopted is to opt for straps and dials of different textures. If one is a metal strap, pick a leather strap for the next and you’re good to go!