Grazia Debate – Comfort is Fashion?

For the January issue of Grazia I had to give my take on whether fashion was moving into the comfort zone. With creepers and uggs, pajama chic and oversized dresses, whether comfort dressing was the new mantra to being fashionable. I wrote against it. 
Here’s what I had to say. Would love to hear your take on it as well!

“As much as I’d like to believe comfort and fashion can co-exist, if you ask me to fluff around in pajama pants in the lounge area of a fashion week, its going to be a definite no.
Lets just say creepers give me the creeps and I wouldn’t be caught dead in them. Who defines comfort? According to me, being genuinely comfortable is being dressed appropriately for your surroundings; comfort is as much a state of mind as it is a physical requirement.
I follow a very simple rule when it comes to style – If i look good, I feel better. Predictably, sleepers don’t seem to have that appreciative aftermath on me. Im an avid believer of confidence dressing – if by wearing my 5-inch Giuseppe Zanotti inspired wedges I’ll be able to tackle the world with more certainty, so be it! Its very simple – you’ve got to have conviction in your style. The twain can meet by taking the classic route instead of rolling straight out of bed.
Wear your most ‘comfortable’ blue jeans with a white well-fitted shirt (tucked in or not) and pair it with the most ‘comfortable’ pair of ballet flats you own. Throw on a pastel belt and a stack of assorted bracelets – I guarantee you comfort with easy style. No pajama pants required!”

Back to basics.
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