Sherwani Style

Photos – Anicca Chabbra
What I’m Wearing: Sherwani – Mogra, Earrings – Aquamarine
‘Never forget where you come from.’ Donning my mint sherwani – I’m sincerely taking this advice when to comes to my style. What are you wearing this wedding season?

Coveting the Coveteur

During one of my many endless trips of painlessly stalking the Coveteur, I realized that while I was drooling over the shoe closets and french panes of Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Ciepluch and the likes, I was subconsciously constructing the bare walls of my own office (when I get one, that is).
Inspiration lies in every speck of dust. I positively believe that where we work, influences our efficiency by miles. So while we’re busy swooning over the work of our favorite trend-setters, do we stop to wonder what it is that keeps them inspired? The Coveteur gave me a brand new way of inspecting the creative process that my self-proclaimed mentors were undergoing; a tinted view of what went on behind the scenes at my favorite websites/ labels/ fashion houses.
‘Its more interesting to have just a picture of a small detail – then you can dream all the rest around it.
Because when you see the whole thing, what is there to imagine?
– Dries Van Noten.

Inspiration Board – MINT

We’re evidently aware of the ‘Pastels’ storm thats soon going to be hitting us (or has it already?) and my favorite from the lot is inevitably the ‘Mint’ block. Its begun to dominate the Spring 2012 runways and it wont be too long until it takes over our wardrobes. The fresh spearmint and pistachio hues act as perfect soothing agents, and mostly, if not always, are fantastic substitutes for white. 
Cant wait to stock up on these gorgeous tints!

La Plage

This winter was stuffed with plenty of surprise travel plans for me. (And yes, that explains the absence of posts.) This was an impromptu outfit post done in Goa at one of the most stunning beaches there – Ashwem. Far from commercial, the slightest glance could put you at peace. We went with the purpose of a quick meal at La Plage, but the scrumptious french cuisine and hypnotizing atmosphere had us rooted to our seats for a long afternoon.
This outfit defines almost all of my Goa outfits – flowy skirts, tank tops, simple accessories and wind blown hair. 
What I’m Wearing – Skirt from London boutique, Dorothy Perkins tank and Oliver People sunglasses.

Six Questions with Style Fiesta

These are a few questions that a fashion blogger is pounded with as often as ‘Whats your name?’

This video was initially shot for a friend with her project on online start-ups. Please excuse the poor quality since its been taken on photo-booth. 
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