Maybe it was the wrong side of the bed (or the right) but I woke up with the sudden urge of wearing something daring today. Why would the thought of wearing white/black with a chaotic color even wander through your mind when you have a gazillion more interesting alternatives? Remember the riot of colors that would flash on out television screens a decade back when a particular channel was unavailable? That was my inspiration.
Over-dozing on prints and a turbulence of colors , these are a few pictures that are provoking me currently.
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Crop Top

Photos – Anicca Chhabra
What I’m Wearing – Cool Kats Crop Top, Zara Jeans, Dorothy Perkins belt, DKNY bag and Style Fiesta shoes.
Stumbled upon an incidental tweet by Nina Garcia that accurately explains how I’m feeling right now – 
‘Best inspiration in the world – Every day, every moment, keep your eyes wide open. The unexpected (style revelation) can happen..’



FREECULTR brings you easy, fresh, simple and stylish style. And it gets better – its at your doorstep. Overlooking the immaculately tailored sweaters, scoop neck tee’s and cigarette pants, FREECULTR is fundamentally something India needed. The more I think about it – the more the absence of a high street label emphasizing on quality sinks in. Presenting to you a riot of colors through the most basic essentials of your wardrobe – its clothing you simply cannot deny.
“FREECULTR stands for freedom of choice, freedom of expression. It champions the ability of an individiual to exist within a group and express his/her personal style.”
Start shopping now –


Sequins Play

Photos – Anicca Chhabra
What I’m Wearing – Zara dress, Topshop cuff, Vintage earrings & Ray Ban sunglasses.
Drizzled in sparkling hand-stitiched rust and silver sequins this dress is everything you’re looking for in the ‘perfect’ holiday season attire – fitting for December like no other. The tidbits of bronze + silver + gold gives you a sky-rocketing glamour quotient.
The super statement claw cuff I’m wearing was an impulse buy, and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years it’s that impulse buys are the Kohinoors of your wardrobe.
All in all – however stereotypical it might be, I’m LOVING sequins! And sometimes its fun playing along with the trends of the crowd 🙂