Pencil Skirt Trend

Photos – Anicca Chabbra
What I’m Wearing – Zara Pencil Skirt, Animal print top from a London boutique, Zara shoes, Style Fiesta Store sunglasses and vintage earrings
Lets take a second to thank Christian Dior for the dynamic birth of the ‘Pencil Skirt’ in the 1940’s. Believe me, once you wear this trend, there is no turning back.
I was recently featured on UTV Bindass in a show called Style Police and this is the outfit I intended to wear for my big moment on TV. Due to an uncertain turn of events, things didn’t quite go my way and I had to stick to a Little Black Dress, but ever since then it has unavoidably become the most commanding and magnetic ensemble of my wardrobe. 
Pencil skirts inevitably bring with them a sense of power. Try it yourself, and you’ll know its true!

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