Power Dressing With Prints

Photos – Anicca Chhabra 
What I’m Wearing – Animal print top from London boutique, Zara jeans, Tory Burch belt, Guess shoes, Style Fiesta Store sunglasses, and vintage earrings.
This animal print top I picked up in a sprint of luck from a London boutique was a super buy. The power shoulders and incredible fit exude confidence in a way only a real wardrobe investment can. I treasure it, and wear only to the most selective of events. And just as calculated, it tends to leave a lasting impression.
The best way to infuse color and allow it to have its limelight is to induge it into a monochromatic palette. To balance out an intimidating print like this one, I went with a candy colored belt. It creates a defined outline between the black, white and blue, and keeps things interesting and structured. 
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