Things I buy – Statement Necklaces

Your probably wondering what all the hype is with Statement Necklaces. They’re heavy to wear; they break easily ; & don’t blend in with just about anything. Quite the tantrums right? But I swear on the graciousness of my favorite Jil Sander collection that its worth it.  Somewhere hidden in this over-worn act of jewellery is the underestimated knack of bringing a certain prominence of character- an undeniable weightage to your repertoire.

Let’s take this H&M necklace for instance (Yes, high street is my haven!) – It’s got me more fascinating stares and ubiquitous corner-of-the-eye approvals than my Kurt Geiger pumps could ever manage!
Next on my wishlist is this Mawi masterpiece. (Time to break the piggy bank!)
Mawi- Available at Le Mill, Mumbai
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