First there was Cinderella, & then there was Carrie Bradshaw. 

It goes without saying- we are all in love with the Manolo’s and Louboutin’s of the world. In-fact, 70% of the women in the world work to be able to buy their first pair of Jimmy Choo’s. Confession time- I do too!
Being stylish or ‘in trend’ by wearing that perfect pair of shoe is so last season, these days its all about the moral boost. Feeling low? Recovering from a break up? Lost your job? Fought with your mom? There’s just one solution out there- Shoe Shopping! (I’m predicting a massive fall in the income of psychiatrists at this rate.)
Casually poised as a synonym to happiness, the shoe has a mighty effect on women these days. While money cant buy happiness- a new pair of JC Lita’s can definitely bring upon an unrivaled thrilling exhilaration 🙂 

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