The Sale Syndrome

 I adore the sensation of crossing the threshold from the parking lot into the bargain-filled sanctuary of a mall during the sale season. Hearing the low hum of voices over which dress is more flattering than the other, which shoe generates the exact amount of happiness it should. The content look of victory as someone gets the last piece in their size, the glint of jealousy in someone’s eye to see their desired attire clasped tightly in another’s hands. Ah, the joyous sale season! Lets face it – women always have always will go sale shopping. Question remains- how many times have we come home from an exhilarating afternoon of shopping, plunked ourselves on the couch, dug into our gigantic bags that scream SALE! in bold letters only to be faced with disappointed? Sometimes this realization doesn’t kick in almost instantly, but 365 days later when we see that coveted romper (that we bought in exhilaration over the bargain) dripping with dust, only to swipe it out of the cupboard and into the ‘throwaway’ pile- that’s when we realize, that maybe somewhere, we went a little wrong in our overexcitement.

4 ways to fight the SALE SYNDROME.
1.     Go prepared. Sale = Long queues. You don’t want to be waiting in that queue wearing 5-inch stilettos or carrying a bag who’s weight equals that of a small family. 
2.     If it’s cheap, doesn’t mean its good. If its good AND its cheap then your just plain lucky. In this case I’d say GRAB AND RUN! 
3.     So you saw the cutest turquoise wedges and the price was unbelievable. Knowing your luck your size was sold out. DO NOT buy a size smaller or bigger and casually say ‘Oh, I’m sure I’ll fit into it.’ Lets face facts – you wont. 
4.     Never carry extra cash. It’s not a good feeling to walk out of the store with a lighter purse and heavier shopping bag. (Filled with things you ‘might’ just never wear.)
Now that I’m done ranting, I’m going to get off my laptop and get some serious sale shopping done. (Keeping these things in mind, of course!) 

A few days ago, Esprit sent over a few gift vouchers and in my excited state I bought two gorgeous belts. Whether I wear them with shorts, with jeans or with a dress, their fantastic metallic finish never fails to make a statement and make me stand out in the crowd. The orange belt has already been overused by me (old habits die hard) while the salmon in all its vintage glory is a keeper for life.

Wearing Vintage Lace Top from london, Zara envelope clutch, Singapore shorts, Michael Kors watch, Ring- gift from Aayushi, Belt courtesy of Esprit.

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