An Amalgamtion of Sorts.

My adulation towards blazers goes way beyond just love. Definitely discarding the myth of blazers being just a trend that will wash away a few stereotypical seasons later- I strongly recommend them to being as strong a component as a ‘basic white tshirt’ in the wardrobe must-have department. And trust me, I do not kid! 
Getting to my outfit – I’m wearing Bershka Jeans, H&M Tank and bag, Vero Moda Blazer, Oliver People’s Sunglasses and Primark(!) shoes. There’s just something about a Brown & Pink amalgamation that makes me go weak in the knees.  
 And aren’t the shoes a beauty? And surprisingly very comfortable too! The price is close to a figure that will make you want to swim in your own guilt for buying the identical pair at Steve Madden. But well, I guess luck had me that day 🙂
Also, the Style Fiesta Store launches its new collection this Friday. Stay tuned for some fantastic bags, accessories and the works. While reviewing each product, I’d kept a strict restraining order on myself from grabbing it all and running away to a far faraway land, but well I saved it for you guys! 

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