Emilio Pucci Resort 2011

Lets be honest – I’m in love with this collection. Emilio Pucci’s resort collection presents a color palette so perfect that it makes all other color palette’s you’ve ever seen seem like last night left over’s. Slightly overdone maybe? Nonetheless, perfectly in sync with my taste. Makes me want to crawl inside these precisely-shrunken, tailored schoolboy suits and settle down forever. The zebra accents do nothing but add to my enchantment.
“Resort comes naturally to me,” said Peter Dundas, and it’s easy to believe him with his sun-bleached, windswept hair and laid-back demeanor. “I love creating clothes that move, which this season is all about.”
Things to do : Stick a poster of Emilio Pucci’s resort collection on my ceiling, kick back and just hope the damn scoth tape gives out.

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