I have been incessantly pouring over home décor magazines lately. I accidently started flipping through one on a very lazy afternoon and that’s where the fascination began. I’ve been going through many but the one I especially cling on to is the BBC GoodHomes magazine – glossy pages brimming with innovative ideas, DIY’s and homes that you want to crawl through the page and settle down in.

A few pictures I’ve been lusting over:


There’s a really exciting contest that BBC GoodHomes magazine is conducting, and the big home/interior-buff that I now am, I’m super kicked about it. All you’ve got to do is pick up the latest issue and answer the quiz inside – its a great way to boost your home decor knowledge and win exciting prizes while your at it! I’v already bought my copy and I’m firing away my answers, so I suggest you run to your nearest bookstore and buy yours, I promise you wont be disappointed with what you see 🙂

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