Let me confess – I took advantage of my blissful holiday and transformed it into a blogging-holiday as well. The countless beautiful things around me combined with the unfamiliar, infatuating scent of an unknown land banished me from burying my head into my laptop. Nevertheless, I am now back and will be crowding your bloglovin’/facebook/twitter updates as always πŸ™‚

Antalya, Turkey was simply mesmerizing. Not the first thought when someone considers Turkey and I guess it’s exactly this unassuming, non-tourist vibe that makes it so special – Ancient castles & beaches, Quaint streets devoid of β€˜tourist attractions’ ,  fresh food brimming with Turkish delight & culture, and a history that’s lovingly enveloping  you through every wall.
These pictures were taken at a beautiful beach in Antalya. I’m wearing a Bershka oversized white shirt, Zara skirt, Portobello hat and Bik Bok earrings.

On a more exciting exciting note – stay tuned for a Giveaway coming up very very soon! 

– Masoom R. Minawala
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