Whatever makes you happy, makes you beautiful.

Clothes maketh the woman? Wrong. Woman maketh the clothes. ‘It is not what you wear, it is how you wear it.’ Does it really matter that these ridiculously awesome high waist beauties I’m wearing are off Hill Road and cost Rs. 100? What’s important is that I feel beautiful in them, and treat them like they’ve come out of Dolce and Gabbana’s limited edition collection.

Some might find solace in their seven- inch heels, and bliss through bleeding toes. Others enjoy Balmain jackets whose price might be compared to a small house. There is also an unexplainable joy in the burden of carats, in the vintage brooch you found on your street vendors cart and in the jeans from your favorite mall that hold your legs impeccably. That is ‘comfort’ – to identify with elements, and make them a part of you. Jeans or Jean Patou, flat sandals or skyscraper stilettos – whatever makes you happy, makes you beautiful.
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