Blogging – The new black?

When exactly did blogging take over our laptops, our free time AND our social lives? When exactly did it crawl its way through our busy schedules and place itself like the big elephant in the room. (One that we’re all willing to acknowledge)
We’ve gone digital, AND HOW! Blogger, wordpress, facebook, twitter, youtube, online publications – THIS is the new world – where everything is just a few taps of the keyboard away.
One day I was a business student, next I was interacting with an odd 400 international fashionistas, sharing blogging tips with the future Anna Wintour’s, discussing John Galliano’s personal life like he was my neighbor, blogging for a renowned brand and writing for an online fashion publication, but most importantly, I was LOVING every bit of it.
On another note, a little inspiration ♥
Karl Lagergeld dresses Coco-Cola.
 Mariah Carey’s Closet. Drools.
Christian Louboutin Fall 2010/11 campaign
Issey Miyake – Fall 2011
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Good news and bad news!
Good news – Steve Madden is coming to INDIA!
Bad news – John Galliano is officially out. (And the downfall of Dior begins.)
P.S.: My friend Aparajita was sweet enough to make this amazing new header for me. If any of you guys are looking for a great header, hit her up at – her work is fantastic!
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