Understated Chic – NUDES

Lets push our attention-grabbing garments to the back of our closets because its time to take on a clean, polished and above all, chic solution to everyday dressing.

In honor of understated dressing and the likes of Jackie Kennedy we must focus on the most fashionable yet subtle trend on our hands : NUDES
The breakthrough of nude tones happened more than a year ago, but due to its charming ‘less-is-more’ mantra it’s still going strong.
 Women don’t need to rely on clothes that are chromatically bold or seductively loud to look modern and chic. (Infact, I think it’s high time we move on from those trashy ass-covering red dresses)
Its all about the subtleties of tone – Shades of creams, black and white – maybe a nude with peach and washed out nutmeg, or a grey with icy blue. Think neutral…….

– Masoom R. Minawala

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