New on the block. Would love some advice :)

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Dress : Zara ; Leopard print shoes : Marks and Spencer ; Pearls : Splash

The minute I laid eyes on this dress, I FELL IN LOVE. My usual (and not to mention, irritating) around my favorite stores is – I look at clothes on racks and while my eyes frantically search through all those incredible trends, colors and styles – they settle upon one pretty thing – and I unconditionally and irrevocably fall in love. This dress was shouting out to me, the least I could do was buy it! And then again, whats life without these guilty pleasures?
I have to admit, I’m a virgin-blogger. Naturally, Im quite lost around here. So i would really appreciate all the comments/feedbacks/advice i could get. 
Lots of love,
Masoom R. Minawala
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