Match made in heaven.

Dress worn as top : A boutique in HongKong ; Skirt : Heritage 1981
Belt : As told below 😉
So the funniest thing about this belt. (FYI – not originally a belt). My grand mom found it lying around in her cupboard and thought it was the strap of one of her bags (you know those bags that you can attach straps to – to make it a sling? That.) So she brought it to me, along with one of her bags and asked me to attach it. It didn’t fit. Probably it was of another bag, but by then she had lost interest, haha.
 I loved it when I saw it, so classic. And very neat too, no buckle nonsense. I just tried it around my waist and after going around twice – WOOHOOOOO it fit perfectly, like it was made for me! High waist skirts are like candy to me (really.) but those pretty things never STAY on my waist.  I have a really tiny waist and my skirts are always slipping off – Well, thats until this little beauty came along 😉
I guess some matches are just made in heaven. Sigh.
– Masoom R. Minawala

New on the block. Would love some advice :)

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Dress : Zara ; Leopard print shoes : Marks and Spencer ; Pearls : Splash

The minute I laid eyes on this dress, I FELL IN LOVE. My usual (and not to mention, irritating) around my favorite stores is – I look at clothes on racks and while my eyes frantically search through all those incredible trends, colors and styles – they settle upon one pretty thing – and I unconditionally and irrevocably fall in love. This dress was shouting out to me, the least I could do was buy it! And then again, whats life without these guilty pleasures?
I have to admit, I’m a virgin-blogger. Naturally, Im quite lost around here. So i would really appreciate all the comments/feedbacks/advice i could get. 
Lots of love,
Masoom R. Minawala